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Conveyor Accessories Malaysia

Conveyor Accessories Malaysia

Conveyors are the key to the efficiency and profitability of manufacturing and supply operation. They also represent a significant investment. Conveyor accessories from Rokonma help you get full value from them by extending their wear life, minimizing expensive downtime and improving their performance. We committed to provide best conveyor part with great quality, to provide a robust and reliable production line.

Conveyor Belt Malaysia

Conveyor Belt are most commonly used in light, medium, heavy manufacturing industry. The role they play in the factory machinery are so important, however their health and wear and tear are usually being neglected.

Conveyor belt is perfect for a wide variety of material transport applications such as manufacturing, food processing and heavy industry.

Curve Conveyor Belts can be used in a wide variety of material transport applications and ideal to transport material in certain degree of curve.

Incline Belt Conveyors are designed to move products between two different elevations. They are excellent to convey between floor levels.

Decline Belt Conveyors are designed to move products between two different elevations. They are excellent to convey between floor levels.

Conveyor suppliers manufacturers Malaysia

As a Conveyor suppliers in Malaysia, quality is always our focal area, all our machines / products undergo multiple quality checks at every step of production to assure that our products are in compliance with the international standards. With a quality department of qualified engineers.

With its vast knowledge, Rokonma as a pioneer of Conveyor manufacturers today is providing brilliant solutions for our Individual customers in the field of mechanical engineering, which has been a long practice with a strong technical back up of more than 30 years of progress, and constant modernization.

Conveyor steel rollers Malaysia

Conveyor steel rollers Malaysia

The solid steel roller distinguishes itself with distinct longevity and high resilience. We have a wide range of stainless steel rollers to satisfy stringent demands, from handling lightweight and small packed product through to food processing areas that require frequent washing down. Options include free running rollers, sealed bearings for maximum longevity and plastic tubes where cost is an issue.

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